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  • Asset Management

  • Property Management

  • Receiverships

  • Site or Facility Acquisition

  • Leasing Negotiation

  • Real Estate Brokerage



  • Pro Forma Analysis

  • Procurement of Project Financing

  • Project Financial Structuring

  • Financial Packaging

  • Loan Work-Out Assistance



  • Site / Facility Selection

  • Site Analysis

  • Project Design Team Selection & Coordination

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Project Inspections & Due Diligence



  • Concept Formation

  • Business Development Plan

  • Project Design Coordination

  • Construction Management

  • Construction Administration

  • Project Management

  • Tenant Coordination / Build-out



The Meek Companies are dedicated to providing superior real estate and facilities development, advisory and management services to our clients. Our mission is to serve these clients to the best of our ability in meeting their specific needs. Our expertise in all areas of real estate development services, asset and property management enables our clients to obtain the best team of professionals who collectively will meet each client’s specific needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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Our Process

Your project is an extension of you and should reflect your uniquie qualities and atributes. Whether ground-up or in an existing building, you have an image of what your space should be and should settle for nothing less. The difficulty is in fitting the pieces together to achieve that ideal image. 


We understand this and make it our goal to ensure you have the support to see the project through to completion. When joining forces with us, you gain access to a team of professionals spanning multiple disciplines who are capable and invested in helping you achieve those goals. 

Our Process


Our process is key to the success of our projects, and the first steps lay the foundation of that process. During our Exploration Phase, we identify your needs and begin the essential research, due diligence and investigation necessary to ensure a smooth outcome for your project. Your project management team begins with an in-depth consultation, identifying your needs, goals and considerations for future expansion. Through years of market mastery and in teaming with strategic partners, we then assist in the formation of an initial project budget, identify potential locations and negotiate a lease or purchase and sale agreement on your behalf.


Having found your space, we work toward the goal of Programming your project. This multi-faceted phase involves the process of researching, vetting and assembling your team as well as designing a space that is unquestionably representative of you. 


Unique to our process, we bring your lender, designers, general contractor, equipment vendors, IT consultants, CPA, legal, insurance and marketing assets all under our purview, giving you peace of mind and freeing you to do what you do best. Consolidating these elements under a single banner ensures total accountability from your team and allows you to rest assured in the knowledge that all elements are working together in unison.


The designs in hand and the team standing by for action, we move into the Implementation phase of your project. Leaving nothing to chance, your project manager oversees everything from acquisition of the appropriate permitting, qualifying, bidding and selecting contract labor, formalizing the needs of your lender and administering the myriad details involved in constructing or building out your space. Meeting with our clients weekly, we ensure that all details are relayed in a timely and transparent manner, allowing you to remain integral to the process without being bogged down with the day-to-day concerns associated with construction.


With completion of your project on the horizon, our involvement continues until your goals and expectations are met. We know that moving in to your space is the beginning of your journey in Success, and whereas the final walk-through might indicate the end of our involvement, we pride ourselves on the continued support offered to ensure that success. Actively assisting in the interpretation and organization of your as-built documents, scheduling preventative maintenance, landlord negotiations, tenant representation, asset and property management are all offered as a continuing service to our clients. We can scale our involvement based on your needs and tailor a support package specific to you.

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